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Experimental design means creating a set of procedures to systematically test a hypothesis. The main concern of an experimental design is to define the process to carry out an objective and controlled research to draw conclusions on a hypothesis statement that addresses your research question.

Vedant Research assists doctoral students across several disciplines to define scientific experiments for their research study. Our PhD experiments design help provides you the expert assistance required in defining independent variables to measure their effect on dependent variables and also get a better understanding of the system, selecting a representative sample etc.

Proceeding with Experimental Research

Experimental research is a scientific research methodology used to study causal relationships by using two sets of variables.

  • Define independent and dependent variable based on research question(s).
  • Prepare a hypothesis statement that your experiment will test.
  • Manipulate independent variable to check if your results can be generalized.
  • Applying your experiment to test subjects and obtaining results.
  • Using at least one dependent variable that can be precisely measured.

Connect with a Research Expert

  • Once you avail the experiment design service, we will assign you a research expert who will go over your research study and provide you with valuable information to get started.
  • You can also get scientific queries clarified or procedures addressed as part of the PhD experiments design help as we will assign you a subject matter expert to help you design an experiment or study.
  • We help you understand the various methods to identify and establish your research problem based on which the experiment design is formulated to address the problem.
  • A complete understanding of the research problem is also necessary for us to assist you in developing the best suited independent and dependent variables for your experiment.

Research Problem Study


Formulating the Hypothesis

  • After a detailed study of the system to be used, we will help you in developing the hypothesis that addresses your research question.
  • Now that the research aim has been finalized, the hypothesis will be used to design a suitable controlled experiment that can systematically manipulate the variables.
  • The research expert will then help you devise the experimental design with the appropriate tools and scientific instruments to accomplish neutral results.
  • This stage in the PhD experiments design help service also ensures that you are given the opportunity to accurately assess the experiment's validity and reliability in testing the variables chosen for the study.

Measurements and Instruments


Testing & Data Interpretation

  • The research experts will assist you in sampling the test subjects, creating a control group and randomizing the test design to improve reliability and credibility.
  • The academic experts will assist you in evaluating the results and conclusions and enable you to use appropriate scientific terminologies in interpreting them.
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