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Journal Selection Service for Manuscript Publication

Journal selection is an important part of the publication process, selecting the right journal to submit your research paper is also a difficult task considering that there varied factors the researcher has to bear in mind while doing so. Most researchers vie for journal publication as it adds credibility to research.

Vedant Research provides a specialized Journal Selection Service for Manuscript Publication, boasting a panel of seasoned experts. Leveraging our extensive experience collaborating with diverse journals spanning a wide array of disciplines, including IEEE, Elsevier, SCI, Science Direct, Wiley, Springer, and more, grants you the distinct advantage of adhering to the requisite standards for your research paper.

Journal Selection Resources

Our journal selection service will assess your manuscript to ensure that you find the right fit based on

  • Language of the paper and the scope of the study
  • The completion of the paper and improvements required
  • Urgency to publish and aspects to be included in the publication
  • The research significance and reliability of data and results
  • The journal features sought after and other personalized requirements

Our 3-step Filter Process

Each research paper is unique and it requires a precise match to enhance the advantages of publishing

Scope of Each Journal

Deciding target journal type and the academic coherence of your research

Accessibility & Timeline

The urgency to publish the research and features of journals like open access, print only, etc.

Type & Significance

Based on factors like case studies/methodologies used and the contribution of the research to its domain

How Vedant Research Selects the Right Journal to Publish your Manuscript

As part of our Journal Selection Service for Manuscript Publication, our experts will furnish you with a curated list of the most compatible suggestions, typically ranging from 3 to 5 journal options.

  • Once you avail the service you will be assigned a research expert who will go over the preliminary details of the journal selection process and requirements from your side.
  • Your research paper will be thoroughly analyzed by our academic experts with subject matter expertise relevant to your field and will provide you with quality inputs.
  • Once we have established the requisite information, journals matching your requirements and necessary compatibility will be filtered to provide the best options.
  • You can also contact your assigned research consultant with specific journal requests to employ our service in checking compatibility and required improvements, if any.
  • Our journal selection service experts will scan a broad international database of journals and match your research paper to provide you with guidelines and formatting support to select the perfect option.
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