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Designing questionnaires is an essential aspect of your research data collection process. From selecting the type of questionnaire to be used to creating appropriate questions, sections and subsections for the target audience requires careful attention and knowledge to eliminate errors, bias and improve response rate.

Vedant Research has an expert team which provides PhD questionnaire design services, with the aim of creating customized data collection tools for researchers. These questionnaires incorporate measures such as the Likert 5-Point Scale to gather accurate information for your qualitative or quantitative research following prescribed formats and ensuring that your research objectives are precisely addressed within it.

Aspects Included in the PhD Questionnaire Design Service

The questionnaire design must target the objectives of the research to collect relevant information. Our design features include all the requirements.

Research Professionals

Once you have availed the service you will be assigned a research professional with experience in doctoral research and expertise in your subject domain with whom you can discuss your research requirements and go over preliminary details.

Questionnaire Types

Our PhD questionnaire design service will support you in creating qualitative, quantitative, and mixed questionnaire designs tailored to your specific data collection needs. We will also expertly structure the nature of questions, whether open-ended or closed-ended, to align with your research goals.

Application of Scales & Formatting

Our researchers assist you in using the right scales like Likert 5 point or 7 point scales for analyzing the questions. The questionnaire is then formatted according to the research requirement and survey type.

How We Create the Most Effective Questionnaire Design

Our PhD questionnaire design service provides the facility to structure the questionnaire into various sections to help the researcher assess the information easily.

  • The questionnaire is designed to acquire only necessary information, for this our experts will assess the purpose and target of the questionnaire.
  • Framed on basis of factors like whether the survey is longitudinal or cross-sectional and the time period to collect information etc.
  • The medium of data collection will be taken into consideration while designing the questionnaire to frame the most adequate questions.
  • The population or sample and the variables are identified and respectively incorporated into the design to enable accuracy and productive outcome.
  • The questionnaire will finally be assessed for ethical considerations and tested for validity on a practice round to ensure the best results.
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