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We at vedantresearch.in welcome you to our website. The website has been designed to give access to our users about information related to our organization and product offerings. The website also serves as a direct linkage between our prospective as well as existing clients and us. It also facilitates job seekers and the various procedures laid down in the website help job seekers reach us promptly. However, anyone accessing this website is ought to adhere to the terms of use laid down by the management and must abide by the set regulations. Furthermore, vedantresearch.in reserves the right to alter the terms of use at its disposal without informing the users about the same. The terms of use are as follows:

Users may access our web pages as well as the information within only for personal and non commercial purposes. Users may hereby note that no transfer of right of the content of the website is granted. Therefore, one does not have the right to copy, transfer or alter any information given in the website without gaining formal permission from the management.

All pictures are trademarks used in this website are copyrighted and solely the property of vedantresearch.in and therefore no user is permitted to use these for any purpose without the written consent of the management.

Linking of this website with third party websites is prohibited without the formal ratification or written authorization of the management. Mirroring or framing of web pages of this website is also not allowed unless authorized by the management.

Anyone accessing this website should only use the website and its content for lawful purposes. Any misuse of the website and its content is liable to legal jurisdiction and indemnification for the misuse or damage or defamation caused due to the misdeed irrespective of the intent or inability to use the website.